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During disasters we turn to the media for the latest information, to try and make sense of what’s happening. With the rise of social media, there are now more places than ever to find new information and a diverse range of views. How do emergency managers work with the media to effectively provide our communities with the information they need, and how do authorities interact with their community through social media, particularly Facebook groups?

Multimedia journalist Colleen Hagerty joins us on the podcast this week to discuss media during disasters, where we’ll discuss the importance of trust and transparency in journalism, conspiracy theories, and what it’s like working in an evolving media environment. We also ask Colleen about the rise of preparedness movements, what happens when disaster related community Facebook groups turn on themselves, and how to manage disaster fatigue.

It’s incredible to harness the hope that people have to be able to be there for their neighbours.

Colleen Hagerty

Learn more about Colleen’s work in the articles below, which we discuss in the podcast, or visit her website to sign up to her fortnightly disaster newsletter ‘My World’s on Fire, How About Yours?’.

How Facebook Disaster Groups Turn On Themselves – an article discussing how the Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Facebook group imploded, after reaching 30,000 members.

Most Americans are not prepared for a disaster. Now survival kits are all over Instagram – an article covering the rise of disaster preparedness kits,

Colleen reporting in the field after Hurricane Sandy
Colleen Hagerty

Colleen Hagerty is a multimedia journalist who tells longform stories through video, print, and social mediums. Her work reflects how global communities are reckoning with our changing climate, social dynamics, technologies, and politics. You can find her bylines across BBC News outputs and on Vox, High Country News, The Lily (Washington Post), US News & World Report, Marie Claire, Business Insider, LAist, and others. She also has a newsletter about disaster resiliency, preparedness, and recovery.

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