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Are we headed for a future without volunteers? And what does the future look like for the wider emergency management workforce?

Andrew and Josh are joined by Dr Blythe McLennan, Node Research Manager (Victoria) at Natural Hazards Research Australia to discuss the shifting landscape, workforce challenges and opportunities for emergency management leaders.

Blythe is a qualitative human geographer with a keen interest in government-citizen relationships in disaster risk reduction, governance and management. Her research has an applied policy focus and prior to her current role, she was undertaking research projects for the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre focussing on emergency management volunteering and workforce challenges.

Blythe will share her thoughts on the emergency management workforce of the future, what skills will be in demand and how organisations can prepare for the impacts of climate change on our future workforce – as well as how we can engage spontaneous volunteers.

Dr Blythe McLennan

Blythe is the Node Research Manager (Victoria) for Natural Hazards Research Australia. She is a human geographer, motivated by a vision of reduced disaster risk in Australia through stronger synergies between what communities and governments do. A primary aim of her research has been to help emergency management organisations understand and adapt to changes in volunteering, and in community and policy expectations.