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Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, landslides, bushfires and floods – Chile is one of the most disaster prone areas in the world.

Today on the show Andrew and Josh speak with Deputy Director of the Chilean National Emergency Office Cristóbal Mena about the many hazards facing Chile and the level of community preparedness.

Cristóbal also shares his insights into the structure of emergency management agencies in Chile, how their governance model and transparent approach to vulnerability has been recognised by the UNDRR and his journey to emergency management after first considering life as a Priest.

While science, technology, engineering and maths have been often highlighted as the critical areas of study for our future, we ask Cristobal about the next decade and what skills emergency managers need to work with communities and reduce disaster risk. Join us on the show to learn more!

Cristóbal Mena

Cristóbal Mena is the Deputy Director of the National Emergency Office of Chile, volunteer firefighter and disaster risk reduction expert.