Andrew McCullough and Josh McLaren are passionate about changing the approach to the way communities prepare for, respond to and recovery from disasters. Me, Myself and Disaster was established to share stories of those who have lived through or managed disasters, with an aim to share knowledge across the industry.

Andrew and Josh trained as engineers and became intrigued by the impact of disasters on the build environment and what more could be done to reduce the exposure of communities to natural hazards. They share a passion to build stronger communities by building greater awareness of risk, mobilising residents during disasters and actively preparing for the impacts of climate change.

How the podcast began

While travelling in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2020, Andrew and Josh met Antz Rohan who was one of the key organisers behind the Student Volunteer Army who coordinated spontaneous volunteers during the Christchurch Earthquake. The lessons learned from the earthquake response are valuable to many emergency management and volunteering organisations worldwide. Several weeks later, the three joined a Zoom call to record the first episode of Me, Myself & Disaster, in an effort to share Antz’s story with listeners across the world.

What’s next for Me, Myself & Disaster

More podcasts, more interesting guests, more travel and more videos on our YouTube channel. We facilitate the discussions that need to be had to build a safer world.

What else?

Me, Myself & Disaster is part of Beyond Disaster, a social enterprise established to ‘build a world without disasters’. Learn more and partner with us at

Let’s chat more about disasters.

We love to chat with passionate people. Connect with us on LinkedIn: Josh | Andrew