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Amanda Lamont started as a corporate lawyer working in Adelaide and discovered her passion for helping others after spending a year travelling and working in South America.

After a catastrophic bushfire season, Amanda joins us to discuss the unprecedented bushfire season and what this means in terms of ‘building back better’, community perception of their future risk, investing in recovery and coordinating spontaneous volunteers.

When someone asks what I think disaster recovery is, I say it’s about recovering our resilience

Amanda Lamont

Stay tuned for a second episode with Amanda Lamont next week as we discuss the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network and the strength of a female perspective in disasters.


Volunteering with the Red Cross – Bairnsdale – 2020
South Coast bushfires – Batemans Bay – 2020
Volunteering with the CFA – 2019
UNDRR Global Forum – Geneva – 2019


Amanda Lamont

Amanda Lamont is the co-founder of the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network and also works on a range of disaster related projects. She volunteers with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Red Cross in Victoria.