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In 2012, Hurricane Sandy tore a wave of destruction across the United States and the Caribbean, killing 233 people and inflicting $70 billion US dollars of damage. A response from all levels of Government was required, and at a federal level was lead by Craig Fugate, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Craig’s experience in disasters includes leadership roles at several US Government departments after he began his career as a county emergency manager in Florida. He’s been involved in countless disasters and he joins Josh and Andrew on the show to discuss leading disaster response and the coordination of resources, working with senior political leaders, how to build greater immunity to disasters, as well as the role of communities and the private sector during disasters.

Quit treating the public like a liability and look at them as a resource.

Craig Fugate

Craig explains the Waffle House index, the importance of enabling and empowering the community through spontaneous volunteering and some of the challenges around insurance.

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Craig Fugate

Craig Fugate is the former head of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He is currently the Chief Emergency Management Advisor for disaster technology firm OneConcern.