Disaster Risk Reduction

On the Ground in Afghanistan – A Multi-Dimensional Crisis

Andrew and Josh speak with Ash Carl, Deputy Head of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Afghanistan about supporting communities impacted by a…

For better or worse, the impact of social media during disasters

Social media experts explain the impact of the recent US Senate hearing, the challenges with misinformation, and whether social media has a net negative or…

Aftershock – the Complexities of Disaster Aid

We explore the challenges of disaster aid following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Nicobar Islands, with Professor Simron Singh.
Road to Recovery from Black Summer – Andrew Constance
Disasters the disease of the 21st century – politics, disasters and the free market
Disaster Risk Reduction
Climate change or choice? What causes disasters?
Disaster Risk Reduction
Trenches & Tragedy – Reducing Disaster Risk in Conflict Zones
Disaster Risk Reduction
Season 2: Recovery, Resilience and Community
Response & Recovery
Developing a Nation of Lifesavers
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A New Approach to Preparing Communities in Wellington

How do you support a community during a disaster, while encouraging residents to become active decision makers and coordinators in the local response? Josh and…
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Twisted truths – conspiracy theories and disasters

From FEMA camps to chemtrails designed to start bushfires - conspiracy theories are everywhere. We speak with Jo Uscinski to learn about the links between…

Disasters & #FakeNews – How the Media is Evolving in the Disaster Landscape

How do emergency managers work effectively with the media and interact with social media groups? We discuss trust and transparency, the evolving media environment, preparedness…
Disaster Risk Reduction
There’s no such thing as a ‘natural’ disaster
Responding in Tornado Alley
The Strength of the Female Perspective in Disasters
The Road Back from Australia’s Black Summer
Quake action: Christchurch Student Volunteer Army
Disaster Risk Reduction
Don’t wing it – avoiding disaster while travelling
The Top 4 Skills for Emergency Managers of the Future
Financial Incentives for Disaster Risk Reduction in Morocco
Communities, a chaotic mess of relationships and utter random connections.