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Disaster Prevention

Can we stop disasters before they happen?

A/Prof Roslyn Prinsley explores innovative technology to prevent disasters - hail cannons, cloud seeding, cyclone deflection and early detection of bushfire ignition.

Is Volunteering Dead? Building the EM Workforce of the Future

The emergency management workforce is rapidly changing. What does the future look like, and how do we attract volunteers in this new world? We ask…

Landing the Black Swan: Resilience Lessons from QF32

When a Qantas plane suffered a severe engine failure four minutes after leaving Singapore, there were fears of a significant airline disaster. Captain Richard de…
A Tsunami in Paradise – The Day Phuket Came Together
Behind the Great Seawall of Japan
A National Approach to Resilience
Building Back Better – the FORTIS House
Storms & Floods
The nerve centre to combat flooding in Bangkok
Disaster Risk Reduction
When a River Met a Nation – the Pakistan Floods
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Climate Change

Flash Point: the Ignition that Inspired Climate Action

Former Commissioner of Fire & Rescue NSW Greg Mullins discusses how he gathered together emergency services leaders to lobby for action on emissions reduction and…
Disaster Risk Reduction

Building Back with Resilience

As communities rebuild following recordi flooding in Australia, leading architect Dr James Davidson joins Andrew & Josh to discuss how to rebuild with resilience.
Disaster Risk Reduction

On the Ground in Afghanistan – A Multi-Dimensional Crisis

Andrew and Josh speak with Ash Carl, Deputy Head of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Afghanistan about supporting communities impacted by a…
For better or worse, the impact of social media during disasters
Aftershock – the Complexities of Disaster Aid
Road to Recovery from Black Summer – Andrew Constance
Disasters the disease of the 21st century – politics, disasters and the free market
Disaster Risk Reduction
Climate change or choice? What causes disasters?
Disaster Risk Reduction
Trenches & Tragedy – Reducing Disaster Risk in Conflict Zones
Disaster Risk Reduction
Season 2: Recovery, Resilience and Community
Response & Recovery
Developing a Nation of Lifesavers
Disaster Risk Reduction
The Chilean Approach to Reducing Disaster Risk