Disaster Risk Reduction

Season 2: Recovery, Resilience and Community

Season 2 is here and the Disaster Bros (Andrew and Josh) get ready to explore the the emerging trends in disaster management with new and…
Response & Recovery

Developing a Nation of Lifesavers

When an emergency happens, the first responders on scene are almost always bystanders who render first aid and call for assistance. This week we were…
Disaster Risk Reduction

The Chilean Approach to Reducing Disaster Risk

Chile is one of the most disaster prone countries on the planet, and we speak to the Deputy Director of the Chilean National Emergency Office…
A New Approach to Preparing Communities in Wellington
News & Current Affairs
Twisted truths – conspiracy theories and disasters
Disasters & #FakeNews – How the Media is Evolving in the Disaster Landscape
Disaster Risk Reduction
There’s no such thing as a ‘natural’ disaster
Responding in Tornado Alley
The Strength of the Female Perspective in Disasters
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Quake action: Christchurch Student Volunteer Army

The first episode of the Me, Myself and Disaster is here! This week we speak with Anthony (Antz) Rohan who volunteered with the Student Volunteer…
Disaster Risk Reduction

Don’t wing it – avoiding disaster while travelling

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, here are some of the disasters you might encounter on a future trip (we hope you don’t). After…

The Top 4 Skills for Emergency Managers of the Future

No doubt you would have heard it before - our world is a changing place and disasters will become more common in the future. Climate…
Financial Incentives for Disaster Risk Reduction in Morocco
Communities, a chaotic mess of relationships and utter random connections.
Getting Down to Business – The Post-Disaster Baby Boom
Constructing Relationships to Build Resilience
Let’s Talk About What Matters During Disasters