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Bangkok faces a complex flood risk. Built on the low lying Chao Phraya basin, the city is experiencing worsening floods which threaten lives and livelihoods, particularly for the most vulnerable living in temporary settlements along canals. In more recent times as the city has continued to develop, canals have been filled in, increasing the risk of flash flooding across urban areas.

Andrew and Josh recently visited the Bangkok Flood Control Centre, within the Department of Drainage and Sewage in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The Centre monitors weather conditions as well as river heights to determine which communities need to be warning about possible flood conditions. The Centre can also remotely activate flood pumps as required.

Bangkok’s 10 million residents can also contribute information from their local area. The Flood Control Centre staff actively monitor social media and collect local intelligence to inform decision making.

The city is adapting to the risk of increased flooding as a result of climate change by developing new park areas, designed to retain water and reduce the impact of flash flooding. We’ll be taking you to one of these areas in an upcoming episode of Me, Myself & Disaster – stay tuned.

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Andrew McCullough

Andrew works and volunteers in emergency management and has tertiary qualifications in engineering, business, disaster management and public relations. Andrew is passionate about engaging local communities to become more resilient.